[Expertfinder-dev] Meeting in ISWC + info on leobard

Axel Polleres axel.polleres
Wed Nov 1 23:16:31 UTC 2006

Leo Sauermann wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am at ISWC and would be interested to join the meeting.
> I can not sign the "our company will use Expertfinder" requirement that 
> is given in the wiki for expertfinder members, so I cannot join right 
> now, but meeting in person and joining the talk would be good, I suppose.
> Will the meeting be obviously open and we find each other by looking for 
> us, or will the meeting be in some room - I miss the exact location...

probably in a room, but we will send around info timely.

> some info about me:
> We do use FOAF on our homepages, we created the RDFHomepage project and 
> published a paper on it "RDFHomepage - finally a use for your foaf file" 
> at ESWC. rdfhomepage.opendfki.de
> so in principle we are interested in new vocabs.
> There are some users of RDFHomepage, its written in PHP using RAP and 
> silly simple technology

which is the opposite of an obstacle!

Looking forward to seeing you in Athens,

> my personal research is Semantic Desktop, so the question how to embed 
> Semantic Web into applications like this e-mail client. I was also one 
> of the first Semantic Wiki guys and hack other things like Aperture.sf.net.
> I also made a quite feature-rich FOAF editor in java swing on
> www.foafme.com.
> For Expertfinder, I would rather see the chance for a .com/web2.0 
> startup than a research project. Although I would not be able to join a 
> company because of my current position in Nepomuk and DFKI, where I can 
> work very good. So I am listening to the plans and if I notice something 
> interesting, will make notice.
> greetings
> Leo
> Axel Polleres schrieb:
>> Dear all,
>> below the minutes from October 19th phone conf.
>> Main thing to mention:
>> - We will meet with whoever is there at ISWC on tentatively Nov 9 
>> around lunch time, and also try to organize a phone, i.e. the next 
>> Expfinder Teleconf is
>>     Nov 9, 12:30 EST = 18:30 CET
>> - We plan a possibly larger f2f in January, co-locateds with the 
>> KnowledgeWeb General Assembly meeting in Berlin. We are currently 
>> trying to acquire funds for hosting the meeting there, such that we 
>> can be able to invite some non-knowledgeweb people. As this won't be 
>> much: ALL (especially Dan, Harold, Boanerges) please let us know, 
>> whether you could make it at all and whether you would have funds to 
>> travel?
>> thanks,
>> axel
>> ===============
>> here are the notes of today's telecon.
>> ExpertFinder Telecon 19 October 2006
>> Participants:
>>  - Anna
>>  - Axel
>>  - Aleman
>>  - Lyndon
>> Next meeting:
>>  - face to face at ISWC2006 for those that'll be attending
>>  - tentative date/time Nov. 9 (Thursday) 12:30pm (EST)
>>    (during lunch break of last day of the conference)
>>    This might allow people not attending ISWC to join
>>    by telecon
>> ACTION - Harold: post another use case.
>>  - could not attend but just sent details of use case by email
>>  - Axel will follow up on this at ISWC
>> Anna' document "Enabling technologies" was discussed:
>>  - should more focus on new technologies needed, existing tools and APIs
>>    we might need/use shall be separate
>> ACTION (stil pending?) - Stijn: write document "Coverage, Related 
>> projects and initiatives" initial structure.
>> ACTION (still pending?) - Stijn: clean up expertfinder webpage with 
>> respect to these new document structure.
>> ACTION (done) - Boanerges: presentation on Sem.Web Topics Ontology, 
>> and SwetoDblp
>>  - Anna pointed out Andreas Harth's similar effort
>>  - Axel pointed out bibtex ontology from Edutella
>> F2F meeting proposal for January
>>  - to be colocated with knowledgeweb meeting
>>  - could be an invited workshop instead,
>>    with short position papers
>>  - Organizing/coordinating this: Anna, Lyndon, Axel
>> - Use Cases and "owners" therof:
>>   It was briefly mentioned, Lyndon will review use case 2 and
>>   will relate to his scenario as needed
>> Cheers,
>> - aleman

Dr. Axel Polleres
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