[Expertfinder-dev] Minutes of ExpertFinder/FOAF++ Lunch meeting at ISWC, Nov 8th

Axel Polleres droxel
Fri Nov 10 16:15:37 UTC 2006

Dear all,

please find below the minutes of the Lunch meeting we had at ISWC.
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8th November 2006, F2F Meeting, ISWC 2006

Boanerges Almen-Meza	Univ. Georgia	
Harold Boley		NRC  Canadaa	
Antonio Campos		Fundacion CTIC	
Siegfried Handschuh	DERI Galway	
Stjin Heymans		DERI Innsbuck	
Jie Jang		Tsinghua Univ.	
Yi Li			Tsinghua Univ.
Malgorzata Mochol (Gosia) Free Univ. Berlin
Adrian Paschke		TUM M?nchen	
Axel Polleres		URJC	

Action summary:
ACTION: Gosia  to contact Charles for Berlin meeting
ACTION: Axel to contact Dan Brickley, Harry Halpin, Libby Miller
ACTION: Gosia to revise Call for participation for Berlin meeting 
together with Lyndon and send it out as soon as possible
ACTION: Stijn & Axel to revise and restructure the webpage


1. We plan a workshop in Berlin (15/16/17.01.2007)
- We will call for very short position papers only -->
   very short presentations
- focus rather on open discussion
- founding for non-EU participants ?

- possibly people to invite:
-- Charles Petrie
-- Dan Brickley
-- Harry Halpin
-- Libby Miller

ACTION: Gosia  to contact Charles
ACTION: Axel to contact Dan Brickley, Harry Halpin, Libby Miller

2. Call for position papers (for the workshop in Berlin)
- we solicit short position papers *per Organisation* (2-3 pages)
   which should:
    - state of the interesstsst
    - give a short description of on-going projects
    - explain vision

- first draft - Lyndon & Gosia (deadline 17.11)
- final version - feedback from all (deadline 30.11)
- send the call to:
-- Knowledge Web lists
-- Knowledge Web IndustryBoard
-- Sem Web mailing lists
-- companies

ACTION: Gosia to revise Call together with Lyndon and send it out as 
soon as possible

3. Documents:
  The two planned documents on related ontologies and 
projects/initiatives are not yet planned.

Gosia will coordinate a more focused State-of-the-Art-report which shall 
- related ontologies and their overlaps
- relevant projects (our & foreign projects)
- FOAF events & projects

- structure of the document - Gosia (deadline 17.11)
- first draft of the document - all (end of the month?)

4. Some more related efforts and questions which popped up
    during the lunch discussions:
- What enabling technolgies apart from rules shall we focus on?
- We should look more into microformats (hCard, hCalendar, etc.)
- DOAC description: http://ramonantonio.net/doac/
- DOAC specification: http://ramonantonio.net/doac/0.1/
- Flink: http://flink.semanticweb.org/

5. ExpertFinder web page
ACTION: Stijn to revise and restructure the webpage (deadline 17.11)

6. Next meetings:

- next telcon:

       Thu, November 30th (usual time 17:00 CET/11:00 EST)

- then we will go back to the two weeks-cycle until the KWeb meeting 
(which, due to christmas means probably two more teleconfs before the 
meeting, i.e. mid Dec and beginning of January)

Dr. Axel Polleres
email: axel at polleres.net  url: http://www.polleres.net/

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