[Expertfinder-dev] minutes Telephone Conference 2006/09/20

Axel Polleres axel.polleres
Fri Sep 22 02:08:56 UTC 2006

Please find below the draft minutes from the Wednesday meeting.
Thanks to Stijn for scribing!



ExpertFinder Telecon 20 September 2006

Participants: Axel Polleres (Univ. Rey Juan Carlos),
               Harold Boley (NRC),
               Stijn Heymans (DERI Innsbruck),
               Lyndon Nixon (FU Berlin),
               Robert Tolksdorf (FU Berlin),
               Anna Zhadanova (Univ. Surrey),
               John Breslin (DERI Galway)

Next telecon: 5th of October, 17:00 (suggested every 2 weeks).
All Action items are due then.


- Axel gives introduction and says we should have commitment from
   organisations on adopting resolutions we device.

- John: Mentions related work in area. Uldis Bojars did a resume

- Axel: mail archive is not publicly readable.

         Harold: it is password protected.

         ACTION - Harold: Contact Dan Brickley to make password

         John: Contact Dan Brickley via IRC. We could also have an
         IRC channel on expertfinder.

         Axel: Not send attachments to mailinglist, except small ones.

- Wiki page (re)structuring

         Axel: There is a mix between extended vocabulary and best
         practices page on wiki. Could be better to separate.

         ACTION - Stijn: disambiguate between 2 items a bit more.
         Harold: is it easy to be an author of the wiki?
         Axel: yes, everybody can, simply register your name.
	Lyndon: have you been thinking about using semantic wikimedia platform?
	Axel: we would need somebody that hosts a proprietary webpage.
	ACTION: Lyndon will check whether Berlin can host such a thing.
	John: we use esw wiki for SIOC
	Axel: would not switch at the moment, interesting would be an own
	project page. Would anybody be willing to take over the design of the
	webpage or wait until f2f.
	Yes, wait until f2f.
	John has send links to mailinglists:
	For those considering a move of ExpertFinder to the ESW Wiki,
	since these related projects are housed there:

- Rename "ExpertFinder" to "FOAF++"?

	Harold: Expertfinder could be applications of FOAF++.
	John: FOAF++ suggests changing only FOAF, which is not entirely
	Anna: agrees.

	We keep with ExpertFinder for the moment.

- Alignment with overlapping efforts (e.g. SIOC)
    - Who of SIOC is here? John Breslin.

	State of SIOC:
	John: provide a vocabulary (SIOC) for forums, blogs, ...
	(forms, posts, users, ...), aligned already with FOAF, working
	on browser. Link to expertfinder: community is central concept
	in SIOC, expertfinder to find experts in community.

         Axel: SIOC is quite far already.

         John: aiming to put W3C submission together, funded by SFI

         Harold: link to agents?

         John: SIOC user is a FOAF:online account, the owner of account
         is FOAF user. Community can consist of individual people,
         mainly looked at sites for blogs.

         Harold: alignment between SIOC and FOAF?

         John: alignment meeting last year with Dan Brickley.
         SIOC user is FOAF: online account. SIOC:posts are FOAF:documents
         (SIOC:posts can be linked to FOAF:person).
         Other vocabularies: use dublin core, mappings to
         AtomOWL reference: http://atomowl.org/.

         Axel: we can learn a lot from SIOC. It is important to have SIOC
         people here. And the focus is different, so it is worth

- Where shall we go? W3C submission? EU project? What are the plans of
         SIOC, can this result in a joint working group?

         Harold: Submission of SIOC could lead to a working group or an
         incubator group (XG).

         Axel: we would need to have a supporting project for a
         working group.

         Harold: has a master student on this, on alerting possibly
         disaster like floodings, which is a related use case.

- Use Cases

	Axel gives overview over use cases.
	Harold: ACTION - Harold: post another use case.
	Lyndon: ACTION - Lyndon: Berlin can add another use case, for
	forming project groups in a corporate setting.

- ACTION: Axel put participants of this telecon on wiki.

- f2f meeting

Axel: organize f2f meeting. ISWC: Anna, John not going there.
Proposal: a first f2f meeting at ISWC, next one with Knowledge Web,
next one at ESWC 2007 (workshop there? see below).

  As for the KnowledgeWeb plenary January 2007: Lyndon offers that KWeb
  could possibly fund travelling for some people if co-located
  and offers to host a meeting in Berlin (added afterwards,
  communication with Lyndon)

- Planned Documents to start with:

         1. Relations between existing RDF vocabularies:
         As a starting point, we will check SIOC related
         ontologies/vocabularies, to be extended to other existing
         vocabularies and their overlaps (foaf, vcard, sioc, doap,
         iCal, KWeb,...) Axel and Anna would like to be involved on
         this.  ACTION - Axel, Anna: write first version by next

         2. Requirements and coverage (for personal, institutional,
         events and projects, homepages) coverage (what do we want
         to cover).
	ACTION - Stijn: first version of document by next telecon.

- Workshops
	- ask the organizers of the

	Semantic Desktop and Social Semantic Collaboration Workshop

	if they could accommodate a slot (e.g., an Open Forum)
	for discussing initiatives like SIOC and ExpertFinder.

	- ESWC 07 workshop could also be a natural choice (added
	  afterwards, communication with Axel)

Dr. Axel Polleres
email: axel at polleres.net  url: http://www.polleres.net/

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