[expertfinder-dev] [Fwd: Accepted paper at ESWC]

Axel Polleres axel.polleres at urjc.es
Mon Feb 26 10:33:09 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I am happy to announce in the context of ExpertFinder that the following
paper which was co-authored by many members of the ExpertFinder 
initiative just got accepted for ESWC:

Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Uldis Bojars, Harold Boley, John G. Breslin,
Malgorzata Mochol, Lyndon J.B. Nixon, Axel Polleres, and Anna V.
Zhdanova. Combining rdf vocabularies for expert finding. In Proceedings
of the 4th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2007), Innsbruck,
Austria, June 2007. Springer. To appear.


p.s.: In case you have comments for the camera-ready version, these are
  certainly very welcome!

p.p.s.: I hope this triggers the revival of expertfinder which had been 
a bit asleep over the last few weeks, maybe also for the resurrection of 
the foaf-dev list, which seems to be more active again. I'd suggest to 
subscribe there as well to interested people and we should decide about 
how to proceed, whether we should join the reviving foaf events or keep 
separate? Opinions welcome!

Dr. Axel Polleres
email: axel at polleres.net  url: http://www.polleres.net/

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