[expertfinder-dev] Dublin Core Education Community & expertise/skills

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Tue Jan 16 17:43:07 UTC 2007

While I remember (hi from the workshop!), ... to encourage folk to take 
a look around Dublin Core's work in this area, relating DC (discovery 
metadata, primarily) to the work of various educational metadata 

See http://dublincore.org/groups/education/

Charter: 	The DCMI Education Community is a forum for individuals and 
organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core and other learning 
resource metadata in the education domain. The objective of the 
Community is to promote interoperability within the domain through the 
use of standard metadata and consensus good practices.

Community WIKI

The DC-Education Community Wiki is the primary mechanism for reporting 
on the ongoing activities of the Community. Current activities on the 
DC-Ed Wiki include:

     * DC-Education Application Profile
       This activity is focused on developing an "Application Profile" 
describing usage of those DCMI properties specifically relevant to 
education, including value spaces and best practices within the context 
of education and training. While the initial work of the Application 
Profile Drafting Committee is the development of a human-readable 
application profile, the Working Group intends to complete the work with 
a machine-readable (RDF) version of the profile.

     * Joint DCMI/IEEE LTSC Task Force
       This activity is developing a recommended representation of the 
metadata elements of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata Standard in the 
Dublin Core Abstract Model. The recommendation will include the 
specification of a number of terms, including properties, syntax 
encoding schemes, vocabulary encoding schemes as well as vocabularies, 
that may be used for expressing metadata conforming to the IEEE LOM 
Standard in Dublin Core metadata. The recommendation will also include 
the specification of namespaces to use for the terms, as well as a basic 
application profile describing how to combine the specified terms in a 
way that is compatible with the structural constraints of the IEEE LOM 

The report from recent workshop in Mexico might be of interest
http://dublincore.org/groups/education/DC-Ed_spec_sess.pdf (see page 
above for more links). There's also an open mailing list which I 
encourage folk here to join. Again, see above WWW page.

Main place I expect worth tracking is the Wiki,

Look in particular at the DC education "application profile", which 
defines both properties and values that bring in categories that are 
actually used in various countries.

eg. see 



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