[expertfinder-dev] Photos of open session notes

Uldis Bojars uldis.bojars at deri.org
Fri Jan 26 10:59:25 UTC 2007


Let the slot owners add photos to their respective slots - they will know
the best which are their notes.
I only have 5 photos, but there are 6 open session slots. This means that I
am missing notes for one of the open session slots. Hopefully Dan has a
photo of the missing page.

One more thing - I have problems logging into the wiki and therefore can not
edit wiki pages. 
UserPreferences page should contain a login form, but it shows some
irrelevant content instead (it looks like a CV and starts with "Objective To
obtain a position that glorifies God in an internationally and Christian
focused organization working toward global development for the marginalized

Could someone help me solve this wiki login problem?


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Uldis Bojars wrote:
> Hi,
> Was very nice to meet you all in person. :)
> Here you will find photos of notes made during ExpertFinder open space
> sessions:
> http://sparql.captsolo.net/2007/01/ExpertFinder/
> If there is nothing confidential in them I can also put them up on Flickr.

Thanks Uldis,

Can you link them also on the respective slot pages on the Wiki?


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