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Uldis Bojars uldis.bojars at deri.org
Fri Jan 26 11:44:48 UTC 2007

To those who like to explore things in more detail, you can look at the
source of, e.g., Login/UserPreferences page of the ESW Wiki:

It is a wiki page like all other, but see the access control line "#acl
MoinPagesEditorGroup:read,write,delete,revert All:read" (only users in the
wiki editors group may change this page, all the rest can only read it).


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RDFWeb is using MoinMoin rel. 1.1 which was released in 2003.
Imagine how many breakins you would have if you kept Linux unpatched since

Same here - the most recent release is 1.5. 
That is what ESW Wiki is using.

A quick and easy upgrade path is to upgrade to MoinMoin 1.5 (and keep it
One benefit of using a newer version is better authentication - login based
instead of cookie-based.
Spam-control should also be better in 1.5.

The we can think about MediaWiki, which is a separate question.

P.S. Someone spamming UserPreferences can also be a permission issue. If
your spammer registered as a user on RDFWeb and if you allow registered
users to change system pages that could be the way how it got changed.


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Re wiki woes... I'm taking a look. Worrying that even functionality-oriented
pages like UserPreferences can be spammed :( :(

Would anyone object to a migration to MediaWiki? (plus Semantic MW

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