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Great stuff, thanks for starting this
In order to comment, we need to be able to read your work first!
How shall we best view your definitions?

I may have missed some of the progress, so apologies for knowledge gaps#
In my paper I made a proposal that we add a property to foaf called
has this been considered?  the value would then be the different kinds of
expertise etc

There is a difference beween expertise and experience, in the sense that
expertise arises from experience, whereby experience is a tangible thing
that can be related to
precise time occurrencies, while expertise is more an abstract quality and
the possibly deriving from the sum of all experiences

so i would start from defining the property name, and after discuss the rest
of the issues?
makes sense?

Paola Di Maio

<hoonoh:ExpertiseRelationship rdf:about=3D"
    <hoonoh:from rdf:resource=3D"http://example.com/people/jack/" />
    <hoonoh:toTopic rdf:resource=3D"http://example.com/topics/beer/" />

<hoonoh:ExperienceRelationship rdf:about=3D"
    <hoonoh:from rdf:resource=3D"http://example.com/people/jack/" />
    <hoonoh:toTopic rdf:resource=3D"http://example.com/topics/beer/" />

<hoonoh:AffinityRelationship rdf:about=3D"
    <hoonoh:from rdf:resource=3D"http://example.com/people/jack/" />
    <hoonoh:toPerson rdf:resource=3D"http://example.com/people/jill/" />

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