[expertfinder-dev] Re: clearing up IP issues

Axel Polleres axel.polleres at deri.org
Fri Nov 16 23:02:46 GMT 2007

Paola, all,

I do not think that there are any special IP issues attached to our 
mailinglist. It is anybody's own responsibility what and how to 
contribute it in the expertfinder forum. As long as wo don't have a 
formal organisation or body attached to this activity, I consider this 
pure exchange of research thoughts and results where collaborations and 
activities arise by will to do so.

Whenever we publish anything jointly, we can agree on doing so under an 
appropriate licensing model such as
(e.g. if we want to submit any results to W3C we anyway would need to do 

At the moment, I consider this sufficient, although it might make sense 
use some "light-weight" model such as creative commons license for a 
website, which e.g. SIOC did, see http://rdfs.org/sioc/spec/


paola.dimaio at gmail.com wrote:
> HI Dan
> we missed you in Busan
> a lot of FOAF talk, (good and bad) and it would have been nice to chat
> now I think we could have pinged you online -
> anyway, could you please make the IP policy explicit for our group?
> (see message below)
> I get worried that any research programme may make ownership claims in
> the future (profiteering and IP claims are on trhe increase for
> knowledge developed collectively) unless we make a clear statement
> 'royalty free' is not a meaningful nor complete enough statement in
> terms of making explicit contributors' rights and lefts
> we talked to a dozen people working on expertfinder things and we ll
> work on  brigning them all together on the list
> An explicit IP policy will help us ensure that we are workign for the
> common interest
> summary will follow shortly
> cheers
> On 11/17/07, Axel Polleres <axel.polleres at deri.org> wrote:
>>> Friends and colleagues
>>> great meeting you in Korea
>>> As promised, I am in the process of compiling some notes and lists to
>>> invite those who have expressed interest so far to further the
>>> discussion on expertfinder and usability, on the respective existing
>>> lists and wikis
>> please do so, thanks.
>>> I am not familiar with the origin and identity of the administrators
>>> of these resources, and intellectual property (IP) status of what is
>>> shared (I havent checked)
>> Dan is administrating the mailinglist. I understood all IP on the
>> current wiki content royalty-free so far.
>>> I would like to make it explicit, as part of my notes, that any person
>>> names, email addresses and content generated on the list will remain
>>> copyright of the respective owners, shared in the public domain for
>>> research and educational purposes - or whatever the case may be
>> sure.
>>> Please let me have any pointers that I can refer to
>> the wiki page is the place to collect these.
>> best,
>> axel
>>> also I dont seem to have Harold's email address, if someone could send it
>>> thanks
>>> Paola Di Maio
>>> School of IT
>>> www.mfu.ac.th
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