[expertfinder-dev] small grant for expertfinder project!

paola.dimaio at gmail.com paola.dimaio at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 09:34:53 BST 2007

I have been awarded approx 5.000 usd research grant towards developing
a 'person' interface (foaf like) for  an expertfinder type application


I am thinking of creating a foaf compatible, extensible and adaptable
'expert person'  like
schema that can be plugged into 'any' open source cms, say drupal

the prototype implementation that I have in mind to use  this exension/module is
here www.p2paid.org

I know that 5 grands is not that much, but here in south east Asia, is
can be  significant amount of money
I hope to use the money to  produce something FOSS that can be
installed and run as needed by any compatible , as well as spend the
money to train someone locally (Chiang Rai/Chiang Mai) area to write
xml, foaf, people schema etcetera.

I obviously need some help and advice to make sure I dont waste this
opportunity to do something useful, so anyone interested in helping
out with good advice, guidelines, expertise, ideas - or if you simply
know an excellent programmer in Asia who would be interested to
develop the schema and get paid basic research rates by the hour,
please let me know! How is the expertfinder spec coming along? do we
have something to work with?
Is someone  from expertfinder team going to be at Busan

Thanks a lot

Paola Di Maio

Paola Di Maio
School of IT

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