[expertfinder-dev] small grant for expertfinder project!

Tom Heath tom.heath at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 16:18:09 BST 2007

Hi Paola,

Great news, congratulations! My work on Hoonoh is progessing, so I
hope that that may provide some useful input to your project; more on
that shortly. I'll be in Busan, so lets talk face to face :)



On 10/10/2007, paola.dimaio at gmail.com <paola.dimaio at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been awarded approx 5.000 usd research grant towards developing
> a 'person' interface (foaf like) for  an expertfinder type application
> http://lsdis.cs.uga.edu/~aleman/efw2007/items/maio.php
> I am thinking of creating a foaf compatible, extensible and adaptable
> 'expert person'  like
> schema that can be plugged into 'any' open source cms, say drupal
> the prototype implementation that I have in mind to use  this exension/module is
> here www.p2paid.org
> I know that 5 grands is not that much, but here in south east Asia, is
> can be  significant amount of money
> I hope to use the money to  produce something FOSS that can be
> installed and run as needed by any compatible , as well as spend the
> money to train someone locally (Chiang Rai/Chiang Mai) area to write
> xml, foaf, people schema etcetera.
> I obviously need some help and advice to make sure I dont waste this
> opportunity to do something useful, so anyone interested in helping
> out with good advice, guidelines, expertise, ideas - or if you simply
> know an excellent programmer in Asia who would be interested to
> develop the schema and get paid basic research rates by the hour,
> please let me know! How is the expertfinder spec coming along? do we
> have something to work with?
> Is someone  from expertfinder team going to be at Busan
> Thanks a lot
> Paola Di Maio
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> Paola Di Maio
> School of IT
> www.mfu.ac.th
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