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paola.dimaio at gmail.com paola.dimaio at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 04:00:33 GMT 2008

greetings all!

Happy New Year!

I am finally going to make a start on expertfinder as discussed in
Busan (not much money, but a couple of contributors willing
to learn and work for south east asian wage range are tkey)

Have not looked at SIOC yet, so will start with FOAF

I would like your feedback and input on the plan, already discussed
with Boanerges

A few of you contacted me offlist in the past few months, I may have
lost track, so please if you are interested
to help/collaborate, I may be able to pay some small (nominal) feels
for contributed bits of jobs

I would like to share my workschedule and plan with anyone interested
 1.Shall I ask all foafX contributors to join this list, or foaf-dev
on google groups to collaborate on this project, or shall
I start a separate mailing list? I would like to share thoughts on a few things
2. can I open a page on expertfinder.info about this project? where
should I post our notes?
(I think I messed up the foaf wiki last time, I can do that again .l...)

3. I have a paper about this, when is the next expertfinder workshop?


Paola Di Maio
School of IT

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