[expertfinder-dev] RE. wiki bug

paola.dimaio at gmail.com paola.dimaio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 04:38:26 GMT 2008


I felt a bit humiliated that I had messed up the wiki, despite
reasonAble familiarity with the environment
It turns out there was a bug, that should be fixed now, if not,  don't
get angry with me! Its the wiki that is not sorted...

fyi, cheers

[22/1/2008 17:54:23] Dan Brickley says: re wiki, I've been wrestling
with mediawiki config, for some reason it isn't allowing subpages to
the main namespace
[22/1/2008 17:56:38] Paola Di Maio says: thats why! the mediawiki is
not sorted! its not me then

[22/1/2008 19:26:21] Dan Brickley says: I *think* that sub-pages are
working ok in the wiki now, but the config is fiddly, if you hit any
problems give me a shout

Paola Di Maio
School of IT

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