[rdfweb-dev] some more on java webring

Libby Miller libby.miller at b...
Wed Jul 5 18:17:09 UTC 2000

Dan wrote:

> BTW Libby/Eric you might want to take a look at the way this sort of
> thing works in the Mozilla RDF/XUL implementation, documented (mostly) at 
> http://www.mozilla.org/docs/xul/xulnotes/template-primer.html
> Their new extended XUL templates mechanism is basically the same thing
> as the Algae query structures in Eric P's Perllib and your Java version.
> (ie. RDF graphs with named question marks on the missing bits...)

well, I couldn't be arsed actually reading the xul template document,
but can make simple queries in a similar way to the mozilla stuff using
separate query.rdf and template.rdf files in the java implementation 
now. The query files are straightforward, but the template files are
just the (rather complicated) sitemaps format we've used in the rudolf
stuff, because as a first pass they had all the prerequisites,
i.e. tree-like parent/child relationships and ordering. 

see http://yaddle.ilrt.bris.ac.uk:10002/RDF/FetchRDFServlet, as usual.

these sorts of queries return a bunch of xrdf, which seems to parse
using sirpac, though could be bollocks for all I know ;-). query 3 is
quite cool, as it pulls up everything it knows about Dan (e.g.), so you
could replcate Dan's pretty homepage by using xslt maybe?

In the process of doing all this, I've sorted out resource/literal
processing and a bunch of other stuff that I hadn't bothered to
implement in my code.

Still no neat prolog stuff though.


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