[rdfweb-dev] smart-home.rdf: generating webwho from XHTML with XSLT

Libby Miller libby.miller at b...
Thu Jul 13 08:09:01 UTC 2000

> I think this has great potential for an app, and hereby volunteer my public
> schedule information as test data :-) Sounds like another component for that
> killer-RDF-app I'm always in search of. On the Palm front, this may prove of
> interest, sent by Norm Walsh to the Perl-XML list:

thanks Edd! I'll look at this next week

> >> I'll do a "real release" with documentation and other stuff sometime
> >> soon, so please don't publish this link just at the moment.
> > > http://nwalsh.com/pilot/
> (I don't counting pointing ppl on this list to Norm's work as publication
> while it's only 7 members strong, but I included Norm's rider to qualify the
> status of his work).



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