Welcome to rdfweb-dev

Dan Brickley daniel.brickley at b...
Tue Jun 20 10:57:42 UTC 2000

If you receive, you're on the rdfweb-dev list...

The list is publically archived and open for anyone to join.

I've added a few links to http://rdfwebring.org/rdfweb/ to provide some
context, and set the robot running hourly. It is probably fragile.

Some ideas for things to do:

- vocabulary refinement	
- finish the writeup doc
- quick start guide
- shopping basket widget for expressing new connections
- trust / PGP stuff (huge topic)
- links to other sites (eg. geekcode decoders, IMDB etc)
- experiment with XSLT to extract this data from XHTML pages
- better RDF API, more rendering code to do RDF2HTML bit
- Dublin Core stuff (link people to documents, co-authors)
- Family tree stuff
- Org charts... 
- A view that only shows one's own assertions about oneself
- RDF backend that tracks provenance of each RDF statement, allowing:
- ...incrementally updated RDF database instead of wipe-and-rebuild
- Load dumps into xsb (xsb.sourceforget.net) for richer query
- think about privacy side of things a bit more
- use a faster parser (libwww/rdf with a Perl wrapper?)
- more utilities, tools, toys to encourage people to create the rdf files
- Groups stuff, initially based around mailing list contribs
- hook into the recommender/ratings system
- visualisation tools (RDFViz improvements?)
- etc

Suggestions welcomed!


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