tweaks to rdfweb Perl prototype

Dan Brickley daniel.brickley at b...
Wed Jun 21 18:01:34 UTC 2000

a quick update on the Perl testbed...

Nothing earth shattering today. Have tidied up the HTML a bit, got some
more content to play with (EricM's added a few people, Dave too, and
some images to brighten things up). A handy feature is that any individual
that we know has an rdfs:seeAlso property, their RDF file is hyperlinked
from foot of page. The trust/provenence issue is looming...

Anyway it's actually looking pretty good (though very prototypy) given
the minimal effort/design that's gone into it to date.

Next things to do:

-lose the dependency on generated IDs in the markup files
-stabilise vocabulary
-quick start documentation


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