XML.com 'Semantic Web: A Primer' article (the SW and you ;-)

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Mon Nov 6 01:27:13 UTC 2000

Dan Brickley <daniel.brickley at b...> wrote:

>> RDFwebring would be coming in _real_ useful right now, especially with the
>> discussions over on XML-DEV, etc. ETA? ;-)
> Er, Real Soon Now(tm). Thanks for the prod.

No prob.

> looks like it could be another week now.

Still, that's not too bad. That'll be right nice. ;-)

> Incidentally I've dropped a syllable: I can't be bothered to deal with
> the 'webring' name clash / pun, so from now on it's just RDFWeb. It may
> be that RDFWeb is an immodestly broad name, in which case I'll have to
> think of something else. 'Pipsqueak' or 'Dinky' or something.

Six Degrees of Daniel Brickley?


(Bet you wish you were in the IMDb. ;-))

Oh, I know: Six Degrees of Artie Ehff. (Gotta love them puns!)

> My Apache configuration was indeed something of a mess. I've rebuilt the
> whole thing, sacrificing last years triumph (getting JServ and
> https: working at the same time!) for a bit of tidyness.

Congratulations! Thanks a lot. It's much nicer now.

Well, best wishes.

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