connecting rdfwebring to weblog narratives

Dan Brickley daniel.brickley at b...
Sun Sep 10 03:08:06 UTC 2000

So... I'm still working on the rdfwebring stuff, despite appearances and
other duties. One hitch to getting a new Perl implementation done is
that the node-folding (aka data smushing) algorithm is going to require
a bit more thought; it needs an RDF::AggregateDataSource implementation
(which I've mostly got but haven't tested). Also need to get a node
centric API in place so I can do $danbri->s_homepage->dc_title etc...

Anyway, this is just a quick note on another ingredient I want to

I've talked about this sort of app with a few of you, finally started
hacking on a simple example. 

I want to connect weblog/lifestreams/'what I did' narrative content to
more structured data-oriented apps. One approach to this is to enhance
XHTML/weblog formats with little semantic annotations so that an RDF
system has enough information to extract an event log from chatty
narrative, with verbs (eg. from WordNet) and object identification
information (through definite descriptions).

A simple mixed-namespace example is online at

It is readable as HTML, though without the linking information showing
up as hyperlinks (do a view-src to see the sketched annotations). XSLT
should be enough to hyperlink these, and also to extract an event log,
given some working assumptions about the narrative/annotation style used
(eg. need conventions for knowing which agent is associated with the
various verbs etc...).

Not much to look at but wanted to send this round as a stopgap.


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