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Dan Brickley danbri at w...
Sun Apr 15 20:43:07 UTC 2001

for info / reference...

This is an experimental PGP key path finder. You enter two keyids (8 digit
hex ids, not usernames or email addresses) and it tries to find a path
between them. It'll probably fail to do so either because it has crashed
or doesn't have a full set of data, but hey, at least I've finally got it
sort of on the web
(ie find a set of keys such that 'from' signs key x which signs key y
which signs key z which signs 'to', so that it may be possible for someone
who trusts key 'from' to trust key 'to' to some extent.)

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Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 21:29:06 +0200
From: Patrick Feisthammel <pafei at d...>
To: danbri at w...
Subject: Pathserver online


I write you this message, because you left your email address

There is an experimental pathserver online at the address

If you do not want further informations about pathserver, send
me a mail.


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