rdf web ring idea: co-depiction

Dan Brickley danbri at w...
Mon Apr 30 07:26:05 UTC 2001

while taking too many photos in hong kong, i had an idea i want to
bookmark for integrating the image metadata with the six-degrees thing. it
doesn't require any new vocab, although more terms might be useful.

idea is to represent paths through rdfweb space (from person to person)
via images that foaf:depict two or more people. eg i have a picture that
depicts libby and me; one with me and chaals; another with chaaals and
eric. and so on. same goes for videos (once I get some way of turning my
camera's quicktime into mpeg...). i thought it would make for some nice
and highly visual demos. and i got most of the code to do it...

so there you go. one for the when-its-finished list :)


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