GPS, palmpix photo metadata / codepiction idea

Dan Brickley danbri at w...
Sun Dec 16 17:47:30 UTC 2001

(mostly for archival / reference though comments welcomed)

I've just installed PalmOS dev tools and SDK for Linux, and
am experimenting with GPS and PalmPix libraries. My Visor now
has a GPS module; Libby's Palm has a PalmPix photo addon. It'd be nice
if both devices could be plugged into one machine, but that's not doable
with at least our Palms and Visors. Still, Palm+cam and Palm+GPS are both
interesting combos to experiment with.

So I wanted to note an idea for a Palm photo app to use with
RDFWeb. Basically, use the Kodak SDK to make a simple photo-takey program,
with one added gimmick: after taking the photo, you get to add some
metadata, in particular, picking people from the address/contacts book who
appear in the photo(s) you've just taken. This would give us a bunch more
codepiction data for RDFWeb (see [1] for Libby's prototype). Maybe also
some basic categories (I wish all of WordNet would fit on a Palm. Or at
least the noun term hierarchy (which I project into the Web as RDF
classes)). Oh, looks like it does, 4.9m, hmm, cool. Feature bloat already,
and nothing exists yet. --
something to investigate later. see [palmwn] [rdfwen] for Palm and RDF
WordNet stuff.

There are API calls in the Kodak SDK that allow you to store a pic as
a JPEG, so the photo metadata thing could be a separate app. And the
PalmOS 4.0 SDK comes with a bunch of example code for the address book
(and beaming etc.).

Once the (meta)data is on the handheld, we'd want either to embed it in
the JPEG (presumably tricky given the onboard tools) or perhaps make a
pairing of 'jpeg memo' and 'rdf/xml memo' that could be picked up by tools
on a PC once the data was sync'd.

Similarly, I want to associate GPS info with photos. One way to do this is
perhaps to just have the GPS unit log time-stamped NMEA sentences[1], and
make sure the device is logging and colocated when someone takes photos on
some other digital camera device. If the clocks were in sync on the two
devices (perhaps to 5 seconds +/-), again we could stitch the metadata
back together once the data was pulled off and put in the Web.

I don't expect to get to this until Jan/Feb sometime, as am still getting
my head around basic of Palm dev environment, but did want to archive a
few design ideas. There are a couple of things jumbled up here...

i) native PalmOS photo metadata capture tool
- with addressbook support for dc:creator and foaf:depiction
- with GPS support from onboard GPS, timesynching with GPS log, or
maybe even having a 2nd GPS-capable Palm beam GPS data across
- with wordnet support for noun terms describing depictees

ii) GPS/metadata PalmOS capture tool
- grabs lat/long from GPS, writes into (beamable) memo
- templates for weblog / waypoint / review and ratings (food etc)
- beamable as memos or calendar events to non-GPS devices

If and when Bluetooth becomes a practical reality, it should be way easier
for photo stuff to talk to GPS stuff to talk to addressbooks, to online
services etc, via various gadgets carried about ones person. In the
meantime, I still think there are some neat tools we could work on...

Nearby notes: new gadget writeup[3] (GPS etc), FOAF depiction issues
writeup[4], sample RDF photo metadata describing a photo that depicts
Damian and a Rock_hyrax [rabbit] using FOAF and WordNet (possibly the
first Rock Hyrax in the Semantic Web? ;-)


ps. palmDAML is pretty cool too [daml], a PalmOS RDF navigator tool.


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