Semantic Web and Me

Dan Brickley daniel.brickley at b...
Mon Feb 19 23:36:56 UTC 2001

On DanC's urging, I've started to record some of my Semantic Web
real world wishlists in the Web:

Specifically, today's time-consuming trip to the passport office in 
Wales left me plenty of time to think about image metadata,
rdf web-o-trust, characterising data provenance / quoting etc. Almost
all of which isn't yet captured in the above document's discussion of
the passport problem, but it's a start. When more polished I'll send it
to the RDF list; just wanted to drop a record of today's scribbling off
somewhere quiet first!

More travel looms which means Perl RDFWeb might get hacked on again. In
the meantime, the above story is one use case itch that RDFWeb (or
S.W. in general) is hopefully going to scratch. BTW my recent
experiments with Redland were promising; I might be able to drop it in as a
replacement backend for the Perl RDFWeb implementation soon...

Here's another SW use case: When an airplane trip is bought for me, why
can't their computer read my home page to find out that I'm
vegetarian. Doesn't seem too much to ask...



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