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Sun Feb 25 01:17:23 UTC 2001

Dan Brickley <daniel.brickley at b...> wrote:

> So Wikis are pretty cool. DanC's recent burst of Wiki-ism had me
> thinking about Wiki and the wider Web again. Just wanted to bookmark a
> thought since I've a hunch an implementation would be a cheap cheap
> thing.
> Wiki's (structured collaborative hypertext doc collections) are islands
> in the Web. For example, http://c2.com/cgi-bin/wiki?DanConnolly lets you
> explore that and nearby Wikis following links between named concepts.

Since I've been working on my Wiki-like, RDF-based system, Blogspace, I
thought I'd chime in. Quick Blogspace intro: like a wiki but
- has permissions
- solves WeirdWikiSpelling by using <a> w/o attributes for links
- allows RDF to be extracted by using predicates in the rel/rev tags
- exports in RSS
- tracks backlinks (internally through a DB, externally through referers)
- seeAlso: http://blogspace.com/about/
- running demo: http://logicerror.com/
- get your own: mailto:webmaster at b...

So what's the benefit of this system over generically pointing to links?

The idea seems to be you associate things with a main Wiki as well as a
topic title.

So seems like this could easily turn into a generic part-of-site /
about-subject thing. Which is pretty close to the link-types idea that Libby
was supposed to be researching. ;-)

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