[rdfweb-dev] Recommendations and making money

Seth Russell seth at r...
Sat Jan 13 18:19:31 UTC 2001

Martin L Poulter wrote:

> This is sort-of a feature request and sort-of a query
> about what is
> currently possible.
> I will soon set about making a proper semweb home page.

Hmmm ... semWeb .. may be a better term than the one we've
been using SW.

> Something I'd
> like to do, and I think is crucial to persuading other
> people to create
> semweb home pages, is the ability to recommend (in a very
> broad sense)
> products (in a very broad sense), with "Top Ten all
> time..." "Top Ten
> current" and so on.

Have you seen the one by Sean B. Palmer ?

> I think this is crucial for two reasons:
> 1) Like plenty of people, I define myself to an extent by
> the music,
> films, books and other cultural stuff that I consume.

I think you should add to that the mailing groups and news
groups you subscribe to.

> A lot of home page
> space on the dumbweb (i.e the non-semweb)

What's the word ... "complement" ?
--- so ---
:dumWeb complementOf :semWeb.
... is that the way you see it?

> seems to be taken up with
> descriptions of the owner's favourite film, favourite
> piece of scuba
> diving gear, favourite piece of software, most hated pop
> icon and so on.
> Generally, people like making lists associated with their
> hobbies, and
> like the idea that those lists will make actions available
> to other
> people.
> 2) Like plenty of people, I'm an Amazon affiliate, and I
> want my home
> pages to *make me some money*.
> What I think is needed to fulfil this function is the
> ability to have
> little groups of:
> 1a) URI [These *can* be shop URIs including my
> affiliate ID]
> 1b) Title "The Unutterable" "Trinity V3
> Keyboard"
> 1c) Creator "The Fall" "Korg"
> 1d) Description "Relatively accessible
> "The digitally-modelled
> (short, freetext) and very punky... sounds
> blow me away...

This is way cool, but why tie it to a shop.... why not just
a group of people who agree that they are interested in a
specific (and i do mean specific) topic.

> Note that *weblogs* would be included in this format.
> Note also that Description is optional, Creator is very
> optional, (I
> might just want to recommend Korg keyboards and give the
> Korg website
> URL: I might just want to recommend The Fall rather than a
> specific
> album). Title is slightly optional, in that the URL may
> also serve the
> purpose of title (e.g. if I am recommending certain web
> pages)

I think you need the clases: Group, Person, Opus, and
Recommendations. Then you say stuff like:

:GroupX dc:title "semWeb Interest Group".

:PersonX :subscribesTo :GroupX.
:PersonX :recommends :RecomendationsX

:Opus1 dc:creator "Seth Russell".
:Opus1 dc:title "Knowledge Representation".
:Opus1 swag:uri http://www.robustAi.net/ai/symknow.htm.

:RecomendationsX rdf:type :Recomendations.
:RecomendationsX :recomendedBy :PersonX.
:RecomendationsX :recomendedTo: :GroupX.
:RecomendationsX :recomendedTo :GroupY.
:RecomendationsX rdf:_1 :Opus1.
:RecomendationsX rdf:_1 :Opus2.
:RecomendationsX rdf:_1 :Opus3.

Sorry i'm just learning N3 .. please make allowances .. but
you should get my drift.

> How far off is this functionality, if it's far off at all?

I don't think it's far off at all .. I think it right square
on target !! Why don't you work up a schema for it ? Let
me know if you need some help, but as you can see I'm still
learning N3 myself.

:SethRussell rdf:type :Human; :isWorkingOn :semWebBrowser,
http://RobustAI.net/MyNetwork/index.html ;
needsHelpWith semWebBrowser, VisualBasic, C++;
http://www.w3.org/2000/10/swap/Primer.html .

PS: Now where was the money again ?

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