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Sat Jan 13 19:18:52 UTC 2001

On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Seth Russell wrote:

[comments in re-arranged order. much snippage]

> This is way cool, but why tie it to a shop.... why not just
> a group of people who agree that they are interested in a
> specific (and i do mean specific) topic.

I agree: It was Amazon affiliate status that started me off thinking
about this, and I think it could be a selling point for the semweb that
it could make these recommendations more useful, but the functionality
that enables this will also enable lots of other things unrelated to

> Have you seen the one by Sean B. Palmer ?
> http://infomesh.net/sbp/

Ta for reference. www23.w3.org is a wonderful domain name. 8-)
I didn't see recommendations in the sense I propose on his semantic home
page, though.

> > A lot of home page
> > space on the dumbweb (i.e the non-semweb)
> What's the word ... "complement" ?
> --- so ---
> :dumWeb complementOf :semWeb.
> ... is that the way you see it?

Indeed. I hope someday soon to be saying "Are you still using the
DumbWeb? That's /so/ last year" to my colleagues. Reminds me of when I
found out that I had been using "snail mail" for all those years.

> I think you need the clases: Group, Person, Opus, and
> Recommendations. Then you say stuff like:

"Recommendedto" is an interesting idea that I haven't thought of. I
doubt that it's a natural form of expression for a lot of people ("Mmm!
Me like this! Guh! Me not like *this*!") but I can see its use. It would
certainly be useful to aggregate these annotations across all members of
a group without setting up a dedicated group annotation archive/server,
i.e. just inferencing over the list of members and their semweb home

> > How far off is this functionality, if it's far off at all?
> I don't think it's far off at all .. I think it right square
> on target !! Why don't you work up a schema for it ? Let
> me know if you need some help, but as you can see I'm still
> learning N3 myself.

I'll consult Dan and the ILRT crowd.

> :SethRussell rdf:type :Human; :isWorkingOn :semWebBrowser,
> http://RobustAI.net/MyNetwork/index.html ;

(Lots of 404s from that page, BTW)

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