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Sun Jan 21 17:37:21 UTC 2001

To follow up my "making money" post, I'm going to follow Aaron's RSS
example (thanks very much for the template!). It's difficult to get
enough time to do it properly, but I think I can work it around by
arguing that RSS is essential to my work at the ILRT and hence doing it
on work time...

Right now I'm updating the basics of my SemWeb page. The new version is
at (supersedes )
I've some questions arising from the exercise. I'll happily help write
documentation once I get clear in my own mind the rules of FOAF 

I seem to be using a genid and a mailbox every time I need to identify
someone. Am I right in thinking (i) that I can define a genid once,
linking it to a mailbox, then use that genid in the rest of my document,
(ii) that there will be no problem if I use the genid "chris" to
mean someone when another semweb page uses "chris" as a genid for
someone else? It seems to take too much space to say, once I've
introduced myself and my mate Tom, that we are both contributors to

I can associate an image with someone either using <img> in their
description or with a "depiction" block. Am I right in thinking that
only the former are intended to answer "show me what this person looks
like"-type queries? I just hope that when I state that a particular huge
jpeg depicts a particular person, it won't appear on their SemWeb home
page. What's the syntax for associating thumbnails with images?

If I associate multiple <homepage>s, <workHomepage>s or <mbox>s to a
given person, is that acceptable? Is anything restricted to
one-per-person? (I understand the one-person-per-mailbox rule: just want
to know what similar rules exist).

Libby, your jsp view of the RDFWeb page brings up a list of "projects".
Where's this info being read from? How do I declare someone to be a
member of a particular project?

What are the limits to what I can add freetext descriptions to? I
realise I *ought* not to use freetext unless really necessary, but I
wonder if I can put disclaimers or qualifiers on some of my SemWeb

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