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Martin L Poulter M.L.Poulter at b...
Sun Jan 21 19:18:19 UTC 2001

Thanks to Dan for clarification.

[much snippage]

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Dan Brickley wrote:

> > introduced myself and my mate Tom, that we are both contributors to
> > something.
> First point, which I hope should be clear from the rdfweb-dev archives if
> not from the website: the genid thing is a nasty hack. Basically we are
> pretending that genid:danbri is a (the) URI for me. I could've used proper
> unique ids (eg. genid:danbri:nx9303x66b-uk) but I wanted to stress the
> point that this is an ugly stopgap until the implementations get better at
> individuating through description.

Why not use these ids within the document, but substitute them in the
database? That way I can use any identifiers I like, so long as I use
different ones for different people, and I don't have to care what
identifiers other people are using.
You could refer to my block of statements about you (well, those that
reside in that particular file) as:

> You are also correct to note that the syntax can be a little longwinded.
> That's the price of clarity, you might argue. Those who'd prefer a tighter
> syntax could go off and define one, plus the XSLT transform that turns it
> back into verbose RDF.

Currently in your danbri-biblio file I see:
<wn:Document web:about="....">
<wn:Person web:about="genid:danbri">
<mbox web:resource="mailto:daniel.brickley at b..."/>
<wm:Person [another id]>
[another mbox]

I'm saying that if the genid<->mbox mapping has already been declared,
I should only need the one identifier. I don't think this introduces

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