[topicmapmail] Conceptual spectrum, colored graphs and scopes. (fwd)

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Sun Jul 15 17:15:30 UTC 2001

hey, this looks familiar :)

( http://mondeca-publishing.com/s/anonymous/title11104.html = me )

wonder if we could reflect out FOAF/RDFWeb data into topicmaps easily?


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Subject: Re: [topicmapmail] Conceptual spectrum, colored graphs and scopes.

> [Bernard Vatant]
> I'm in the process of implementing it in the semantopic data base ...

> [wmj]
> I am anxiously looking forward to see it. What is the URL of the data

A selection of starting points ...

OASIS: http://mondeca-publishing.com/s/anonymous/title10067.html
Semantic Web: http://mondeca-publishing.com/s/anonymous/title10016.html
W3C: http://mondeca-publishing.com/s/anonymous/title10017.html
Knowledge Management:

I'm not completely happy with the color range (maybe too many colors), but
that's the idea. When the topic incidence is increasing, it looks a bit
messy. The graph manager "manages" to make it planar as long as possible,
hence all the funny circular arcs ... All that needs of course improving to
get really end-user friendly, as clustering methods etc ...

Comments welcome ...


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