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Sun Jun 10 03:57:42 UTC 2001

Libby Miller <libby.miller at b...> wrote:

> namely, if you tell me that you wrote the
> information about you, then it becomes 'secure' information within the
> system.

You seem to have fallen into the common fallacy that the URI itself (and
thus the publisher of the URI) is the best source of information about the
URI. This isn't true -- the publisher is only the best source of information
about what the URI is. Everything else is up in the air. Let me give an

:WackyWidgets :governmentSafetyRating :Excellent .

WackyWidgets is not the best source of information for this information.
Instead, the Government rating department is. WackyWidgets is likely to lie
about this kind of thing.

The net effect for your page is that I'm liable to claim that I'm a
contributor to all sorts of things, but the fact is that that information is
not "secure". A better thing to trust is the document itself, which is
unlikely to contain RDF at this point.

A further point is that I can lie about what my name is, etc. But that's not
too likely in this environment.

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