notes on provenance in rdfweb

Libby Miller libby.miller at b...
Sun Mar 4 02:48:21 UTC 2001

just to jot down a few ideas - Dan, you've probably thought of all this

Dave Beckett and I were just chatting about making the RDFweb page for a
person default to the information that they inputted about
themselves, which was something I'd been discussing with Eric Miller. I
hadn't really considered the problem of ensuring that the
url that claimed to be by that person - and so the fundamental source of
information about them - was actually written by them, which is more
than a provenance problem (although it requires provenance information
to work). I guess it's obvious, but it's a piece of infrastructure that
needs to be in place if we're to do this. So one idea Dave and I were
discussing was to have a 'assert this is my homepage and written by me'
section which would have to be verified by an email check to that mail
address, maybe including an identifier which would need to be included
in the generated webwho file in order for that rdf page to be accepted
as the fundamental source of information for that person. Otherwise the
information would be added to the database but would just be in the
section of 'things other people have written about me' section.

what do people reckon? 


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