How do we distinguish between a RDF node on the Semantic Web and a WWW page ?

Seth Russell seth at r...
Mon Mar 5 18:24:22 UTC 2001

Let us assume for a moment that

[A] it is permissable and desireable to identify a RDF node/description
on the Semantic Web by a URI that is a http URL of a Web page.

For example, the URL in [1] below ~obviously~ (please follow it for sake of
clarity) contains just one RDF node ...


What are the troubels, if any, of assuming

[B] that the URL [1] is the URI of the single node on that WWW page ?

If then we are permitted assumptions [A] & [B] ...

How best can we distinguish between the Resource [1] which is a HTML
document and the Seth RDF node that is described below? Do we need to make
such a distinction? What are the pitfalls of this ambiguity? How can we
best disambiguify it?

language: Semenglish
uri ;
name "Seth Russell";
preferredEmail mailto:seth at r... ;
homePage ;
worksWith Aaron.
uri .

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