How do we distinguish between a RDF node on the Semantic Web and a WWW page ?

Sean B. Palmer sean at m...
Mon Mar 5 23:50:56 UTC 2001

> <q cite="">
> The URI: identifies Aaron
> Swartz's copy of Weaving the Web. This copy of the book can be
> identified by the fact that it has this URI written in the front
> </q>

So if I scrawled that URI on the front of my copy, then you would own
it? :-)

As for the Platonic ideals... Seth raises a good point. I think that
it's just another facet of the age old "name vs. address" debate, in
that all URLs point to something in WWW space. The most interesting
thing that I ever found on this subject was the following TimBL rant:-

Now consider what is the difference betwen reference and definition? I
conclude there is none, as both are the assertion that the resource in
question is identified by a URI.
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