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Compare-and-contrast fodder; sent here for finding-it-again-later purposes...

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Subject: [xtm-wg] ANN: Topic Map about Topic Map activities


Today I tried to collect some loose information about the
who-is-who in terms of Topic Maps:


This is mainly of academic value yet, as I have still much more
detailed information to put into this. Feel free to send me a note 
if I have completely omitted something important, like your company 
or your personal contribution.

On my TODO list:

- detailed analysis of products/status
- documentation/manuals/white papers/tutorials
- elaboration on relationship between standard documents
- who sponsors what
- related paradigms (concept maps, ....)
- ongoing projects using the TM paradigm
- ownerships (as far as publicly available)
- a little bit of history (?)


PS: The TM server will run on a 90MHz Pentium (stop laughing, I found
it in the basement) until we get our Suns.....

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