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Libby Miller <libby.miller at b...> wrote:

>> 3) What's up with the links to the WD RDFS namespace? Shouldn't these be
>> updated to the real namespace?
>> ->
> eh? don't understand

You use the old namespace for rdf-schema, use:


>> 5) Isn't img rdfs:subClassOf depiction?
> dunno. oh, ok, maybe, if there were various paintings of people, or
> drawings... I was thinking of img differently, as any image on the web
> (like html img).

Oh, I see.

>> 9) Notably absent is:
>> :contribProject a rdf:Property
>> rdfs:domain wn:person; rdfs:range wn:Project .
> Dan's also got pubkeyAddress (maybe wot?), made (for rss channels). I've
> got calendar. What about address book properties like work/home phone,
> home address, work address, fax....

These properties should to be documented if we continue to use them.

> Is a strategy to prune it as much as we can and then add namespaces in a
> modular fashion as Dan suggested with knows but more
> generally? (e.g. addressBook?)

I hope so.

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