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Graham Klyne gk-rdfweb at n...
Tue Oct 9 21:48:30 UTC 2001

Hi folks,

I'm working on a design for a program (prompted in part by something James 
Hendler said at SWWS) to capture and generate web page data in both HTML 
and N3/RDF formats. The plan is to use RDF data to describe data 
structures (sort-of schema-plus) and forms that are used to create, edit 
and format web page information. I think the system can be bootstrapped 
from a relatively small number of primitive operations, and an RDF database 
of descriptions. Currently, I'm planning to use:
- a combination of Java and Python for programming,
- probably the Jena API for RDF parsing,
- a Linux hosted database (MySQL?) for the back-end, though I also would 
like to support a pure Java database system
- Linux-hosted Apache for HTTP access
- (X)HTML forms for the command and user interface

I'm interested in other tools that might be useful in this area... any 

I'm aiming to develop the software to "commercial strength" (though not in 
itself commercial) so that it can be used as part of or a front-end to 
possible commercial products.


Graham Klyne
(GK at A...)

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