Semantic Web: 1-2-3

Morbus Iff morbus at d...
Tue Aug 20 14:34:28 UTC 2002

Just finished, comments desired:

"This resource is also known as Stupid Berry Pickers Make Idiot Jam and
that fact should add suitable weight to the following declaration: I'm new
to the Semantic Web. I cobbled this fair piece together in an attempt to
collect my thoughts, answered questions, path-of-learning, and requisite
bookmarks so that other XML hackers may follow in my footsteps. All
inaccuracies are purely my fault, so be sure to correct me."

"This document is not intended to teach you RDF via my own words, but
rather to hand-hold you through the "good" parts of the same journey I
took. If it looks like a big link-list with menial comments from the peanut
gallery, then you're not far off the mark of my intent. This is by no means
definitive, nor was that the goal."

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