[rdfweb-dev] Tests for smooshing

Seth Russell seth at r...
Thu Aug 29 15:17:33 UTC 2002

From: Libby Miller

> to smush, you just change the identifiers on certain nodes, so you
> don't loose any information, because you don't change the uris, even if
> they're bnodes.

>This seems kind of mad but it sort of makes sense to me. It's
>clearly not the right answer, but in some sense the nodes with uri
>values _somebnode and http://blah/blah are after smushing the same node
>the same node as that with uri http://smushed.subject.node.textvalue/.

>Now I don't know what to do! any ideas?

Could you consider that the node after smushing is in a *new document* ?
IOW, don't change the node id, make a new node and give it a new document
id. Does you database have such a thing that you could use for docment id ?

See Quads where for this discussion document=context

Seth Russell

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