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Eric Vitiello Jr. eric at p...
Mon Dec 2 04:39:08 UTC 2002

>--A quick Google doesn't find much - there is an old DAML vocab at
>also rdf2ge12.zip RDF to GEDCOM ...
>(fyi, I know close to nothing about gen. - I just thought family trees
>make a good example use of SVG for 'Unleashed', but it started getting too
>big to fit in the space)

I've began a *very* rudimentary relationship module for foaf a few months

it basically makes some alises for foaf:knows, such as foaf:parentOf and

Quite awhile back (before I was aware that there were other XML-based
genealogy efforts, I created FamilyML: http://www.vitiello.org/familyml.htm

Along the SVG line, I took the FamilyMl, and converted it to SVG via XSLT
(one of my first exercizes in SVG): http://www.vitielo.org

--Eric Vitiello
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