foaf:beerTokens ...

Jim Ley jim at j...
Mon Dec 2 17:57:28 UTC 2002


I've been thinking that one of the things the foaf universe lacks is a
currency, if I want someone to do something for me, I have to use
cajoling, and coercion, and can't offer anything but thanks in return,
what we need is a currency that we can "pay" for stuff with.

foaf:beerTokens are a possible solution to this, how this might be
modeled still needs work, but this is one suggestion

<rdf:RDF xmlns:foaf=""
xmlns:rdf="" >
<foaf:Person rdf:about="urn:jim">
<foaf:name>Jim Ley</foaf:name>
<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:jim at j..."/>
<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="mailto:danbri at w..."/>

foaf:beerTokens could then be converted into more liquid currency as and
when the opportunity arrises.

Then of course we need to add in trust and everything layered on top, to
actually enforce these debts... and some way that danbri can assert he's
been paid his 12 beerTokens, so that a suitable Agent knows that I repay
my debts. This all ties into the foaf:Auction and foafShop stuff of

Thoughts on foaf:beerTokens?


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