[rdfweb-dev] RE: Is it OK to produce valid-but-strange-looking RDF?

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Thu Dec 5 17:52:53 UTC 2002

PS. drifting off-topic a little there, but the same point applies to foaf -
does it follow RDF/XML syntax rules, or only a (simple) subset? This has
rather major implications for anyone doing XML-level parsing (or even
regexp scraping) to get their data.

Danny Ayers

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>>> <item rdf:about="http://blah/blah.html">
>>> <title>One Page</title>
>>> ...
>>> <rdfs:seeAlso>
>>> <item rdf:about="http://blah/blah2.html">
>>> <title>Another Page</title>
>>> ...
>>> </item>
>>> </rdfs:seeAlso>
>>> </item>
>>You're putting an item inside an item? That's not RSS. No reader
>>out there is
>>going to pick up on it. I'd go further and say you could do such
>>a thing in
>>RSS-1.0 but you'd have to use the <items> element in the <channel>
>>to assert the
>><item> being part of the channel. Otherwise RSS has no support
>for an item
>>having an item of it's own.
>I'm not saying the item is inside the other item, only something like:
>	title = one
>	...
>	title =two
>	...
>item1 seeAlso item2
>The syntax I quoted (apart from the shortcuttery) is a perfectly valid RDF
>way of saying this. (I left out the channel only for brevity - the channel
>would contain all the items listed). The resources aren't in any
>way nested,
>only the XML syntax. The nearest the spec seems to come to forbidding this
>is with the DTD-like models given with each of the elements. Also it talks
>of RSS 0.9 compatibility "libraries ignore what they weren't designed to
>understand" - but are they meant to understand RDF or not? If it
>is the case
>(which I assume) that RSS syntax is a particular subset of RDF/XML, then I
>reckon the spec should be a lot more explicit - e.g. say that the DTD-like
>models override RDF syntax.
>Try this with your favourite RDF tool - open an RSS file containing two or
>more items, add a seeAlso (or whatever) between the two items, then
>serialize it out. IsaViz for one gives the 'item inside item' syntax.
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