LiveJournal FOAF Suggestion

leighdodds2001 <leigh at l...> leigh at l...
Wed Dec 11 16:29:45 UTC 2002

--- In rdfweb-dev at, Ian Davis <iand at i...> wrote:
> A LiveJournal user has proposed an extention to LJ to create FOAF for
> each member automatically:

Nice. I think this is a good idea generally. Reciprocal links in FOAF
descriptions doesn't seem like a particularly quick way to bootstrap
into a very large data set. It'd be nice if there were some
centralised places from which FOAF data could be grabbed, as well as
making use of data thats already 'nearly FOAF'.

Thats not to say we need a single centralised location, just that a
few 'hubs' would help build the network. As well as providing
well-known places for people to link their FOAF files from.

Thats one reason I suggested the FOAFBulletinBoard (which seems to be
growing quite nicely) and have previously suggested grabbing data from
places like Advogato.



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