[rdfweb-dev] Re: Parsing FOAF in perl?

Danny Ayers danny666 at v...
Wed Dec 11 20:00:30 UTC 2002

>So my 1998-era homepage was just
>http://rdfweb.org/people/danbri/index4-nov98.html ie FOAF without
>the namespace.But the background graphic was more interesting; I
>generated it by
>feeding a Kohonen Self Organizing Map (SOM) with some internet
>data (from http://www.sosig.ac.uk/ I think). The SOM tools are out there
>somewhere still, I believe freely usable, and work on simple text file
>input. Unlike many Neural Net methods they don't require a training set;
>SOMs just help you identify clusters and associations buried in complex
>datasets. They've been used a bunch for Usenet mining, for eg.
>See http://websom.hut.fi/websom/
>Hmm i can't find the software, hope its still up there somewhere. I'd
>love to have an excuse to revisit this stuff (mutters about lapsed
>phd) but
>I expect realistically I won't. FOAF-harvested data should be an
>thing to feed to such algorithms though, although the data isn't currently
>that rich. If there were more Wordnet and Dmoz classifications being used,
>for eg., I'd expect some interesting testbeds...

hehehe - I finally get a response to my 1999 query :


(doubt whether I could use the phrase 'semantic web' in such a slapdash
fashion today)

Kohonen's book is available from Amazon, academic style but pretty

btw, this stuff is still on my to-do list...

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