[rdfweb-dev] Re: FOAF-a-matic Mark 2

Phillip Pearson pp at m...
Wed Dec 11 21:18:47 UTC 2002

> Supporting FTP would probably be enough, although I'd hoped that the
> Blogger and/or Manila XML-RPC APIs would have allowed this, but they
> seem to just support creating posts which doesn't fit in this case.

The blogger API v2 is being discussed. It could be worth suggesting
this on blogger-dev.

> IIRC Radio Userland has some kind of 'upstreaming' folder so it might
> be enough for people to save it there. Need to investigate it a bit
> further though.

Yeah - if you save a file anywhere under Radio UserLand\www, it will
be pushed up to the blog. Watch out for the template renderer though;
I'm not sure how it will treat .rdf files in directories outside


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