FOAF linking to PGP public key

Phil Ringnalda phil at p...
Fri Dec 13 06:16:52 UTC 2002

I really like Paul Bausch's idea of PGP signing weblog comments to manage
identity [1], but it needs some way to automagically go from "they say this
is their URL" to a public key. FOAF autodiscovered in the HTML URL seems
like a good place to stash the URL for the public key (especially if you
then offer people still wondering about the commenter's identity a way to
browse around the people they foaf:know), but I'm afraid that wot [2] isn't
quite simplified enough for me just yet: could someone give me a
copy-and-paste example? I'm pretty sure I can manage to change the
rdf:resources and literals in an example, but the raw schema's a bit beyond

Phil Ringnalda


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