FOAF-a-matic Mark 2

leighdodds2001 <leigh at l...> leigh at l...
Fri Dec 13 14:41:54 UTC 2002

--- In rdfweb-dev at, Libby Miller <libby.miller at b...> wrote:
> ooh, Leigh,I thought of something else, just what you need probably.
> Anyway, it occured to me that even if a file isn't signed, it 
> might be useful to have some stuff about who made it (which you 
> could then trust or not).

Yep its a good idea. I spotted that Eric had something similar in his
file, so have added it to my "good ideas to steal" list (which is
getting longer and longer :)

> about the image annotation stuff, RDFPic puts RDF data into jpgs, and
> Nadia Heninger added lots of cool stuff recently, including foaf - I
> dunno if that was released though - it does seeem to be in cvs:

Thanks for the pointers will take a look.



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