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Fri Dec 13 16:00:32 UTC 2002

I have been nosing through FOAF and am very impressed by it. I was 
having a play with it and decided to FOAF one of the communities I 
belong to (I'm in charge of the redesign and am toying with various 
things like syndicating and aggregating RSS feeds and this fitted in 
nicely). I created a master list of the users:


linking through to individual FOAF files - you can see my file as an 
example (I'm still working on the code and the admin for the users to 
add their own information and so mine is the most complete as I added 
it by hand into the database):


Which leads me to my question.....

There is an 'organization' defined but I can't find any information 
on it and I was looking through FOAFCorp and was wondering if there 
was a way to use something similar to describe a community as shown 
in the master list (but with more detail - administrators, members, 

Discussion on my FOAFing everyone is here (although it currently just 
involves my trying to explain what FOAF is):


Oh and hi I'm new here ;)


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