[rdfweb-dev] <foaf:community>?

Martin L Poulter M.L.Poulter at b...
Fri Dec 13 16:33:33 UTC 2002

Please can we not have HTML email on this list? I'm interested in this
topic but reading this exchange in my newsreader is difficult.

I think a community definition would be a boon to the uptake of FOAF,
because a lot of the most interesting sites are community sites
(slashdot, somethingawful, metafilter, b3ta, numerous thriving
discussion boards) and it is important to individuals to be able to
publically identify themselves with quite arbitrary groups (Hell's Angels,
IRC #randomchannel regulars, Britcom fans, MidWest Bisexual Plushie
Fetishists) and to have properties that are peculiar to those groups
(geek codes, megabytes of Warez uploaded, Karma). An online identity is
often little more than a standing of a particular group. 
"Organisation" has more legalistic: is the Hell's Angels an

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