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Sat Dec 14 15:06:23 UTC 2002

OK I have given the group and community ideas some more thought and 
sketched out a few ideas (I've probably made a fundamental mistake, 
either technical of conceptual, and I may be oversteppig 
my 'authority' so you are welcome to let me know if that is so ;) - I 
just get enthusiastic about things so I like to throw ideas out while 
it is on my mind).

So Groups provides information about the group and then acts as a 
wrapper for various other information describing communities, sites 
(using RSS in its 1.x meaning of RDF Site Summary - I have created a 
site_index RSS document which, although not intended for syndication 
itself links through to various RSS feeds and FOAF listings - what 
could become the community file), individuals, companies, charities 
and NGOs:


group_name - how you would finish the sentence 'We are a group of...' 
Hells Angels, Britnney fans, etc.

focus and interests - allow you to define what the group is into.

parent_group - allows you to affiliate that group with a broader 
group (ultimately, for now ;), the top level group would be "human 

sub_group - allows you to affiliate yourself with smaller groups (I 
wonder if this is needed as the important thing is the upward link).

shared_interests - allows a horizontal (the above is more of a 
vertical top-down/bottom-up linkage) affliation with people you may 
have some similar interests with and focus and interest allow you to 
define which elements you share with the other group.

I've expanded on the community idea which now includes the use of the 
groups tag to describe their affiliations with various groups:


I suspect I need to add some more information

You can then also throw community and group information into you FOAF 
file along with your foaf:interest details and it could be used to 
define the focus of different RSS files too I suppose.

Anyway they are (nearly all) my thoughts on this for now. Thoughts?


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