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Sat Dec 14 15:13:22 UTC 2002

Looks a very good idea. A few quick comments:

Sorry if you've discussed it before, but is there a good reason for two
separate namespaces? I would have thought community & group (in the sig
context) could happily coexist.

I'm still a little confused about the use of parent_group and sub_group, I
suspect this could be simplified, though I like the general idea.

Naming style - parentGroup, subGroup etc. would be more in keeping with
current usage styles.

sig:documentation - surely there's an existing term that could be used here?
(offhand I can only think of seeAlso, which isn't quite enough)

com:admintrator - typo.


Danny Ayers

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>OK I have given the group and community ideas some more thought and
>sketched out a few ideas (I've probably made a fundamental mistake,
>either technical of conceptual, and I may be oversteppig
>my 'authority' so you are welcome to let me know if that is so ;) - I
>just get enthusiastic about things so I like to throw ideas out while
>it is on my mind).
>So Groups provides information about the group and then acts as a
>wrapper for various other information describing communities, sites
>(using RSS in its 1.x meaning of RDF Site Summary - I have created a
>site_index RSS document which, although not intended for syndication
>itself links through to various RSS feeds and FOAF listings - what
>could become the community file), individuals, companies, charities
>and NGOs:
>group_name - how you would finish the sentence 'We are a group of...'
>Hells Angels, Britnney fans, etc.
>focus and interests - allow you to define what the group is into.
>parent_group - allows you to affiliate that group with a broader
>group (ultimately, for now ;), the top level group would be "human
>sub_group - allows you to affiliate yourself with smaller groups (I
>wonder if this is needed as the important thing is the upward link).
>shared_interests - allows a horizontal (the above is more of a
>vertical top-down/bottom-up linkage) affliation with people you may
>have some similar interests with and focus and interest allow you to
>define which elements you share with the other group.
>I've expanded on the community idea which now includes the use of the
>groups tag to describe their affiliations with various groups:
>I suspect I need to add some more information
>You can then also throw community and group information into you FOAF
>file along with your foaf:interest details and it could be used to
>define the focus of different RSS files too I suppose.
>Anyway they are (nearly all) my thoughts on this for now. Thoughts?
> Emps
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